Rosa Lyster

Cape Town, South Africa


For Hazlitt, I wrote about the creeping sense of not being able to arrive at a satisfactory explanation for what in god’s name is on


my first “opinion piece”

I wrote for the Guardian about the undignified thing of being way too interested in US politics!

Recent Work

This week, I wrote for the New York Times Magazine about my favourite website, which is called Radio Garden:

Last week, I wrote about how the internet feels to me now:

A little bit before that, I wrote about how much I hate Logan Roy’s cardigans in Succession:

Big week for my opinions!

again for lovely Popula, I wrote about academic conferences and bad news:


For lovely Popula magazine, which already feels like a new home for all the weird ideas I have bouncing around in my head at all times, I wrote about two of my consistent preoccupations: climate change, and American legs:

Two new things!