Rosa Lyster

Cape Town, South Africa

Forgot to include this one which is a shame because the photos are so amazing

Croatia update!

I’m so SAD to be BACK

Croatia update 2!

First Croatia update!

God damn but it is nice here

The Life Changing Magic of Other People’s Clothes

I wrote for New York Magazine about how much I love to wear other people’s clothes!

Somewhat back on my bullshit

Back on my bullshit

More horoscopes!



the best thing I found on the internet

Look at this raccoon


My best thing is an animal that reminds me very strongly of a human being, and this raccoon is the indisputable leader of that category.

I wrote something quite sort of heavy and intense about this weird raccoon photo, because I guess I feel very strongly about it.

Something I wrote got translated into Italian!

I don’t know if I have any right to be as thrilled about this as I am. People translate things all the time. It also goes without saying that I cannot speak or read Italian, so all I can do is look at the words, but STILL.

A Story that is very close to my Heart

Some people have told me that this made them laugh and that is gr8 but I can tell you that I wrote it with a very very stern frown on my face the whole time. I truly and humourlessly hate the wind and that is no joke at all. Jarred took the photos! He doesn’t hate the wind as much as me but I think he did a very good job of taking photos that made me hate it in a more nuanced and vicious way.