Rosa Lyster

Cape Town, South Africa

again for lovely Popula, I wrote about academic conferences and bad news:


For lovely Popula magazine, which already feels like a new home for all the weird ideas I have bouncing around in my head at all times, I wrote about two of my consistent preoccupations: climate change, and American legs:

Two new things!

I wrote about the Owl House for the New Yorker!

I wrote about Cape Town

Featuring my mum’s fond memories of the test pattern

I am very proud to have written something for the Washington Post, and almost equally proud that I didn’t use the phrase “state capture” ONCE


Some other recentish things

I did two *very* different pieces for The Outline, recently

Some recentish things

On statues:

On weddings in books:

Writing and learning how to drive:

On breaking what I understand to be the rules of fashion, rules that no mortal should tamper with:

On my ideas about astrology which are both made up and real:

Foreign Pharmacies!

I wrote about how much I love love love love to trawl the aisles of a mysterious foreign chemist