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A recent LRB story!

some recentish things for the guardian

an essay for the Paris Review

I interviewed Mark O’Connell about his new book, Notes From an Apocalypse, for the Paris Review!



my last piece for the Outline

The Outline is closing down, which is incredibly sad. Here is the last piece I ever got to write for them. 

my first piece for the London Review of Books!

With the unbelievably generous support of the Pulitzer Center, I wrote about the water crisis in Mexico City for the London Review of Books

You can also read it on the Pulitzer Center website, if it is paywalled there by the LRB.


For Hazlitt, I wrote about the creeping sense of not being able to arrive at a satisfactory explanation for what in god’s name is on


my first “opinion piece”

I wrote for the Guardian about the undignified thing of being way too interested in US politics!

Recent Work

This week, I wrote for the New York Times Magazine about my favourite website, which is called Radio Garden:

Last week, I wrote about how the internet feels to me now:

A little bit before that, I wrote about how much I hate Logan Roy’s cardigans in Succession:

Big week for my opinions!