Extremely City Bowl

by rosalyster

Here is a very particular kind of Cape Town “moment”, which I witnessed on Saturday afternoon at the shop round the corner from where I live.

I was standing in the queue while this kind of hungover-seeming guy dug around in his pockets for change. He pulled a rolled up R100 note out his back pocket and flourished it like a wand at the man behind the counter, who then took the note from him and unrolled it. A small dusting of cocaine drifted onto the counter, and they both looked at it for a while. The checkout guy said “Don’t stick this up your nose and then come here and give it to me,” and the cocaine guy just said “This is Cape Town, maaaaaaaaaaan.

I got the impression that this was a regular thing for the checkout guy, that he is by now long accustomed to having hungover-seeming men come into his shop, and they hand over a rolled up note, and everyone just looks at the fine dusting of cocaine as it drifts onto the counter.