Trent Acid

by rosalyster

  1. I have never heard of you, obviously.
  2. I found out who you are when I was looking at the Wikipedia list of famous things that happened on the 18th June – births, deaths, “events”.
  3. It was your name that gave me pause.
  4. “Trent Acid” = wow.
  5. The second thing that gave me pause is that you are one of honestly six famous wrestlers born on 18 June, which seemed like an amazing coincidence. Six also seemed like a lot because the only famous wrestler I could think of was Golddust, and then the Foxcatcher guy.
  6. Then I realised that actually there are millions of famous wrestlers, that six born on the same day probably isn’t a big deal, and that this whole moment was a fitting conclusion to  a day in which the following phrase popped into my mind about twenty times: I love the internet.
  7. I mean this with deep and reverent seriousness: I love the internet so hard.
  8. It is a terrible hellmouth in many respects, but it’s also just the best thing ever and we all know that.
  9. Without the internet, for instance, I never would have found out about you, Trent Acid.
  10. Your very, very detailed Wikipedia page is incredible, so much good stuff, my God.
  11. So much stuff I had no idea even existed. Such as: Juggalo Championshit Wrestling. You are Trent Acid, and so you know this already, but everyone who is not Trent Acid and who has never heard of Juggalo Championshit Wrestling, please just take a moment to drink this realisation in, that the word “championshit” is real.
  12. It’s just Championship Wrestling now, but the original name was championshit, and I know that because of the internet, and now no one can remove this information from my brain.
  13. The Championshit Wrestling part of your page contains this sentence: “In their first match, Acid temporarily blinded Robinson with holy water, causing the referee to end the match.” What even does any of that mean?
  14. I am dying over here.
  15. Just the whole Juggalo thing in general = wow.
  16. I will forget about Juggalos for a few months, and then I will remember and go on an absolute bender of reading and talking about them for ages. So good. Thank you again, internet.
  17. Thank you also, Trent Acid, for being a vehicle for me to discuss how much I love reading about the Insane Clown Posse and Insane Clown Posse-related topics.
  18. You died of a heroin overdose, and you probably deserve better than being used as a prop in someone’s pretty gimmicky little bit, which she is writing at 12:03 am on a Friday night, and which she probably should not publish on her website, because it is mega weird.
  19. I will publish it though, because this is the internet, and this is certainly not the weirdest thing happening on the internet right now.
  20. Categorically not.
  21. championshit