Five Things

by rosalyster

No essay today but here are five things til after the Easter weekend

  1. The War is Still On, Chris Blackwell. I love Bunny Wailer so much, and I think about this all the time. I get bits of it stuck in my head – the way he says “on appearing into the place”, the way he says “white gowns, some long gowns”, the way he says Sheraton ‘Otel, the manner in which he clutches at his shirt so as to convey the almost incredible depth of his contempt, his Chris Blackwell voice, the Greek chorus in the background, the way he points to the camera at the end.
  2. I have been watching the War and Peace miniseries, which is pretty good, although inscrutable in the way of many Russian things – always people making one rash decision and then just buckling under the weight of the absurd consequences for TOO LONG, and being worried about mystical things that I cannot care about, and being very committed to feuds. Lots of things make me miss my friend K., who I have written about before, but I have been missing him an extra lot this week, because he would be able to tell me if I am basically right in feeling that War and Peace and Middlemarch are the same novel in many respects, and that people would be less quick to dismiss Middlemarch as sort of dowdy and un-grand, or un-sexy, if there was even a small bit of a war in it.
  3. Don’t forget that you can look at a photo of Rasputin whenever you feel like it
  4. Check the size of his handfrases-rasputin
  5. Chris Ofili building two houses in Port of Spain