Happy Birthday Lee Moses

by rosalyster

lee moses

  1. I hardly know anything about you.
  2. This is not from lack of trying.
  3. You are not even famous for not being famous, in the manner of Big Star.
  4. You are simply not very famous, which must have been just such a bummer.
  5. I get a strong Party Guy vibe from you, which is to say that you seem like one of those people who would have really suited having a lot of money.
  6. This is all just going on your album cover, which sits right in the middle of that Venn diagram where one circle is “powerful druggy energy” and the other circle is concerned with the praising of the Lord.
  7. I feel that this is an under-explored aspect of American culture.
  8. Where are the books about all the people who loved Jesus and drugs in equal measure?
  9. Although what actually do I know. I just right now googled “psychedelic Christian” and there is of course heaps of stuff about cults and Jim Jones taking a million drugs every day.
  10. Still hardly anything about you though.
  11. This leaves me free to project my various preoccupations onto you.
  12. I’m sure you would have found me exceptionally irritating.