I Don’t Need to Explain Myself to You

by rosalyster

My friend Alexis just showed me this truly sick photograph. Please look at it for two seconds and notice that there is something either slightly or extremely wrong with everyone’s outfits.


Please notice that Graham Nash’s tie says “CHICKEN DELIGHT” and not “CHILDREN DELIGHT” as I had first thought. Everything that is happening with David Crosby, obviously. Neil Young with an expression on his face that says “I am so happy to be standing here dressed in this lady’s coat from Truworths.” Pope hat in the background. Weird kind of tie on the left.



What I like about both of these photos is that I have no idea what is being communicated here. Why is David Crosby looking at us this way? Does he have something in his mouth? Is it drugs?



Something Frankly Unusual about this one as well.

The End