Ezra Pound’s Hair

by rosalyster

When you google “Ezra Pound hair” you get nothing, or at least nothing that anyone would care about. You certainly get no explanation for what is happening here:


It’s not every day that you see a hairstyle like that. Even today, there are not many of them about. He chose it himself – see how proud he is.

Ezra Pound

Whatever is going on here took a lot of careful brushwork. I’m thinking about this too much, but I just want to know what he was after. Maybe he just wanted it to look like a hat? In this he has succeeded. I have looked at these pictures several times in the past and thought There’s Ezra Pound in his tall Russian hat.

If I knew him I would tell him how shit it looked. He would dismiss me as incredibly middle-class and/or tell me that I was Only A Woman. Here she comes, he’d say. Another woman, ragging on my hairstyle.


I would never get him to change his mind, ever.