Happy Birthday Edith Wharton

by rosalyster


  1. There is a scene in I’m Not There, which is a movie about Bob Dylan (never mind who that is- you wouldn’t like him).
  2. Anyway. In this one scene, Heath Ledger and Charlotte Gainsbourg are fighting and he says ok. You write down the nastiest thing you can think of. And I’ll write down the nastiest thing I can think of. And we’ll see who wins.
  3. As you may well imagine, Charlotte Gainsbourg will have none of this, because she knows that to read the meanest thing he could think of would ruin her life, as well of the lives of everyone else in the restaurant.
  4. Charlotte Gainsbourg leaves, and so would I, but you would stay and win.
  5. You would write down a kind of potent and devilish thing that would have Bob Dylan just crying into the crook of his arm, retching.
  6. Please keep it to yourself.