Five things

by rosalyster

  1. There are some parts of this “unearthed” letter from Germaine Greer to Martin Amis that are just…quite extraordinary. This is not to say that he wasn’t probably an absolute devil to her. But I just… What I am trying to say is: good heavens.
  2. I guess sometimes we should all take a moment to reflect and think about Roy Orbison. 
  3. My mum and I were talking the other day about how a long time ago in Vanity Fair there was an oral history of the Brill Building, which we both remember as being excellent. I found the article, and it’s not thaaat great, and there is not nearly enough of Phil Spector in it, and it’s only really interesting if you like oral histories, which I do. They are my number one. Here it is:
  4. This is the kind of thing that I will always, always read.
  5. My brother once told me a number of quite horrific things from this book about whaling he was reading, and the one part was they were talking about a whale that had “the vengeance and guile of a man” or something, and here is an history of whaling if you also find that naturally interesting, if also terrible and sad.