a small list of London

by rosalyster

  1. Men wearing bicycle helmets
  2. Men who are not wearing bicycle helmets but when you look at them you think where is his bicycle helmet or else maybe he lost his bicycle helmet today.
  3. A red squirrel eating an apple in a tree
  4. towpaths
  5. couples having vicious, relationship-ending arguments in public places, going at each other in apparently calm and measured tones. The one looks at the other one on the bus and says you could sit anywhere on this fucking bus and you’re here next to me. The one looks at the other one on the tube and says you’re so fucking self-absorbed it’s unbelievable. The one says you’re always making me go to crap places with people that I hate. They look straight ahead; they speak softly. They frown at me when they see I am craning my whole body forward to hear them.
  6. Good dogs
  7. Rivers.
  8. Posh old rangy old couples haggling over their 10% discount in the cafe at the RA
  9. Ponds
  10. Posh old rangy old couples moving Questingly up the high street.
  11. the only kind of sunlight I can really tolerate
  12. bananas of an extremely poor quality
  13. excellent tomatoes