Happy Birthday Fidel Castro

by rosalyster

  1. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I thought you were dead.
  2. Didn’t you die? Wasn’t that a whole thing, a little while ago?
  3. No Offense.
  4. The “personal life” section of your wikipedia page is madly disappointing.
  5. Not even disappointing in a way of someone with an Agenda making up many lies about you.
  6. Just a bit boring and rubbish.
  7. There is one sentence claiming that you “often engaged in one night stands.”
  8. “With women”
  9. The “personal life” section is so disappointing, actually, that it casts doubt on the article as a whole.
  10. If they have done such a poor job with the details of your several one night stands “with women”, is it not also possible that they have made other mistakes?
  11. A mistake such as saying you’re alive, when you are obviously dead?
  12. The horse in this photograph is called “King Champ”. I have never seen a horse wearing such a human expression.
  13. King Champ