Happy Birthday Clara Bow

by rosalyster

  1. I have never sat through a whole silent movie.
  2. I seem to lack the spirit for it.
  3. Exception: we watched a lot of Charlie Chaplin when I was small, and I liked that a lot. The main reason I liked it though is because my parents had a poster from “The Kid” in the passage, and I thought that the child in the picture was me.
  4. Every time I walked past it I thought There I am. There’s me and Charlo.
  5. I was only four, but still, this seems extremely weird.
  6. Chaplin_The_Kid_edit
  7. Putting Charlo aside, I have never sat through a whole silent film.
  8. My friend Cath swears that Buster Keaton movies are genuinely funny, but I’m worried I wouldn’t even laugh once.
  9. When that movie “The Actress” came out, the main thing I thought was “This is certainly not for me.”
  10. “Why don’t they just put talking in.”
  11. Although I cannot see the point of silent films, I can understand your appeal completely – you have a truly excellent face.
  12. You seem like a real hoot as well.
  13. clara bow