Best Champion

by rosalyster

1. Here is the first dog to win Best in Show at Cruft’s dog show. His name? “Sable Mite” The caption on the photo says “a greyscale photo of a fluffy pomeranian looking to the left.”

Sable_mite_2He looks extremely, extremely small, and very angry. “Sable Mite” is a good name for a little dog like that, but it is only the beginning. The 1948 winner was called “Tracey Witch”. Also “Heather Necessity” (1929), “Noways Chuckles” (1952, and maybe my favourite. He was the winner in the “Utility” section), a Lakeland Terrier called “Stingray” (1967), and a Fox Terrier called “Collarbone” (1911).

2. You definitely don’t hear as much about cat shows. 

3. Or this.