An Addition

by rosalyster

A very brilliant and charming person who wishes to remain anonymous just pointed out to me that the big one missing from the Booksnakes questionnaire is: “What book would you NOT recommend to a teenage girl?”

This is an important distinction. I asked this brilliant and charmingly anonymous person what books they wouldn’t recommend, and here is the answer in full:

“Well, all abuse-memoirs, all books about dying teenagers, all books (i.e. twilight) that encourage girls to think of boys as passion-driven and animalistic, like if he’s not maybe gonna violently rape you then he doesn’t really love you. But then also all books by lady-writers that are clever and write well but write with this infuriatingly small scope. Like they are just about women who hate their bodies and are unhappy in their marriages and nearly have affairs but then go home and look after their children instead. (X) made me read one of these recently. It was by Barbara Kingsolver. I think I didn’t finish it. That protagonist was just not fit to be a protagonist as she had no agency at all. She had no control over her own life. She didn’t drive the story forward so much as she was propelled in some random direction by the story, and she did a lot of complaining about it along the way. It’s not that these books are bad, its just that they fail to broaden the mind. They are like the book version of having a pleasant conversation with your conservative aunt.”