four things

by rosalyster

1. I read “The Pumpkin Eater”, finally, after sort of shying past it on my bookshelf for many years. I shouldn’t have waited so long, as it is a very good book. The best bit is when the unnamed narrator is still at school, and her bourgeois friend “Irene” (which the narrator keeps telling you is pronounced “Ireen”, as if that is a thing) comes to visit her in The Hols, and you realise Irene is a Real Slut. I will write something longer about it soon. Here is the thoroughly bizarre trailer for the film, which was written for some reason by Harold Pinter: They hitting each other; they complaining; they having a nervous breakdown in what turns out to be Harrods.

2. The scales finally tumbled from my eyes on Saturday and I realised that I am unable to wear a beanie without looking like I am in a Woolworths advert and the art director is saying “I’m thinking cosy winter afternoons, I’m thinking throwing a stick to a dog on a beach.” So I need a different kind of hat to wear in case I get a cold head. It’s hard out there, though. There are a lot of incredibly terrible hats in this world: I googled “Joan Didion wearing a hat” and found this instead:

3. People keep saying that the new Mad Max is amazing, but I know that I will never ever ever watch it because steampunk is the worst shit ever.

4. This article reminded me of how much I loved “House by Mouse” when i was small It’s very hard to talk about children’s books you loved without sounding Twee or somehow sassy, but oh god I loved House by Mouse. I looked at it every day. There is nothing more pleasing than a cross-section.