five things

by rosalyster

I thought that it would be nice to have a thing where I post some of the stuff that I have been reading/looking at/thinking about. I was thinking that every Monday would be a good time to do this. This will have two functions: it will allow me to write here more often than once a week, and it will give my tireless/shameless trawling of the internet a veneer of legitimacy. Both are very important.

Here are five things, then, that I have been looking at and thinking about this week.

1. THE SMARL aka the finest picture of a dog I’ve ever seen. M has been talking a lot about how she would love to have a dog (a LOT) and we have been discussing some names. The dog in this article is called “Francesca”, which is ridiculous. It’s like calling your dog “Stephen”.

2. I’ve been thinking about this since I was about 12 years old. I got tears in my eyes when I started humming it in the car just now:

3. This article about the novel, which contains the sentence “In his youth Pasternak looked… ‘like an Arab and his horse’.” I think about this at least once a day

4. bob-dylan I can’t believe that this picture has his little feet in little flip flops. Flip flops are only for girls with perfect feet, and even then. Bob Dylan, you know better than this.